How to follow the 3 Cs of recruitment

The 3 Cs of recruitment which should be used by both recruiters and hiring managers to keep the process smooth is Clarity, Communication, and Closure.

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Inclusive management – The challenges and advan...

What is Inclusive Management?

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Three serious consequences of a bad hire

One of the most common business activities in recent times is recruitment.

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The ‘gig’ economy – What is it?

What is the so-called "gig" economy, a phrase increasingly in use, and seemingly so in connection with employment disputes?

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The contingent workforce (1)

If you’re a large organisation it’s extremely likely that you are already making use of the ever-growing contingent workforce in the UK, but if you...

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How to make sure your job advert is Millennial...

In the next few years, we will see an increase in Millennials and Gen Z in the workforce and they will make up a significant force across industries.

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