How to follow the 3 Cs of recruitment

Written by Mairead Simons

The 3 Cs of recruitment which should be used by both recruiters and hiring managers to keep the process smooth are Clarity, Communication, and Closure. 


There are so many elements to recruiting where we need to have clarity – hiring managers need to have complete clarity on what they are looking for, whether they have a need to hire or a ‘nice to fill’ role, and how they are going to go about finding said candidates. It is also important to look at internal talent – you may already have somebody within your team who could easily transition into the role. Many job seekers talk of their frustrations at finding roles for which they have been interviewing eventually filled by internal transfer or promotion, or upon recommendations.

When recruiting, you will need to speak to tens of candidates who are all going to ask the same questions, so having clarity on exactly what it is you are hiring for is the first step. We cannot expect candidates to go forward for a role that they have little understanding of. It pays to be transparent from the start! 



Clear communication is a vital part of recruitment which is often overlooked. From job descriptions to screening calls to offers, communication is key. Both transparency in terms of what the job will entail, salary details, and expectations of what is expected of the candidate as well as keeping in constant communication throughout the interview and onboarding process can make such a huge difference so it’s important to make sure these are no brainers in your recruitment process! 



Closing candidates is an important part of every stage of recruitment. ‘Closing’ is the term for making sure a candidate is happy to go ahead with the role at every stage before being offered. This is such a key part of the process as it’s pointless going through lengthy interview processes with some indication the candidate will accept the role if offered. Asking candidates how they feel at each part of the process is key is gauging their interest and confirming if they would like to go ahead with the role, which unfortunately can't always be promised.

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