Managed Services

We deliver real, innovative and responsive total workforce acquisition and management solutions designed to support your strategic, operational and geographical objectives.

Our managed service solutions provide seamless blends of permanent, temporary and contingent hiring, drawing from our experience of the talent sourcing marketplace and our integrated outsourcing capability.

Offering a one-stop-shop, covering all your resourcing needs, we work seamlessly alongside your HR and operational teams to provide a holistic approach to your total talent covering temporary, contingent and permanent hiring.

With our state-of-the art total talent management technology platform, PAWS you will gain total visibility of your entire talent pipeline and supply. By enabling true understanding of your talent landscape we can support you to build the most appropriate blend for your workforce whether flexible, permanent or future talent - wherever and whenever you need them to achieve your business goals.

Our team of experts analyse your needs and implement a solution totally aligned to your needs that's built out of a combination of our award-winning, modular services that sit across the entire talent acquisition journey: from employer branding right through recruitment to talent management.

 Whether you need to ensure your brand stands out, improve Employer Value Proposition and Net Promoter Scores or build an engaged talent pipeline, we can scale to your recruitment needs for now and the future. By engaging with Pertemps Managed Solutions you will achieve real cost savings, a streamlined recruitment process, reduced time to hire, and a more engaged and productive workforce than ever before.

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On Demand Talent Acquisition

We provide you with the ability to expand and contract recruiting capacity when and where it’s needed.

No matter what industry you are in, all organisations experience fluctuations in hiring needs, from times when hiring slows down or halts completely to times when they encounter either unforeseen or planned hiring spikes typically at an accelerated pace or with short or tight deadlines.

On-demand recruiting services are an increasingly popular option for organisations that want to shift from staffing agencies and contract recruiters in favour of a more agile strategic partner with the ability to provide flexibility, speed, efficiency and effectiveness at the core of their approach.

Pertemps Managed Solutions understands that sometimes organisations struggling to meet a sudden need for talent or internal recruiting resources are stretched thin, hence as part of the Pertemps Managed Solutions service offering via our RPO division we enable companies to engage an On-Demand Talent Acquisition provider which support internal talent acquisition or resourcing team and build the bridge to enable and drastically improve your talent acquisition outcomes.

On demand recruiter in essence provides you with the ability to expand and contract recruiting capacity when and where it’s needed. It’s the right solution tailored to the circumstances unique to your organisation

Future Talent

Navigate the complexities of Future Talent, Students and Early Careers recruitment

Pertemps approach for each of the Future Years recruitment streams differs. It has to encompass every changing factor including demographic profiles, emerging technology, shifting political, environmental and personal motivators. It begins by supporting clients with workforce plans, identifying the skill sets business will be looking for in the future and matching this with the expectations of Generation Z and your brand for an ultimate candidate experience.

Whether hiring apprentices, school leavers, placement students, graduates, postgraduates or interns, Pertemps brings extensive experience in campaign based volume recruitment with a deep understanding of Generations Y & Z giving us an appreciation of the significant differences between the characteristics and requirements of the different Future Talent streams.

With a blend of consultancy and recruitment process outsourcing we partner with clients across multiple sectors to support them through the challenges they may face when recruiting onto future talent schemes.

Our award winning recruitment capability is paired with integrated solutions that cover the entire talent lifecycle whilst focusing on brand and candidate experience. This is underpinned by immersive technology enabling us to effectively and build and manage communities of talent.

Pertemps provides a range of flexible solutions, from supporting in-house teams with campus administration and sourcing, to delivering end-to-end programmes for attraction, screening, assessment and programme management across a variety of early career profiles including Graduates, Post Graduates, Interns, School leavers, Apprentices, Vacation schemes and Co-op programs.

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Executive Search

To succeed companies rely on attracting and retaining high performing executives to make a fundamental, positive impact on business performance.

In today’s competitive climate it is key to get your recruitment right.

Our experienced Executive Search consultants have unrivalled networks across numerous sectors to ensure you have access to the best talent – delivering programmes to acquire senior executives for strategic positions.

Whether using our Executive Search talent teams based in our nationwide centres or embedding our teams within your business we ensure that all executive hires are perfectly matched to your corporate objectives and culture.

With our market intelligence and best in-class research, our searches comprise of skill, expertise, knowledge, determination and the highest industry standards. Our highly experienced Search Consultants provide full end-to-end management of the entire search process, seamless link between senior management and experience hires, and access to flexible and scalable resources.
Our expertise includes the provision of:
• Identifying, approaching and sourcing of senior talent up to and including board level
• Market mapping to identify a particular level or skillset across a market sector
• Provision of detailed profiling and testing of executive roles and candidates
• Benchmarking and identifying trends and practices in specific sectors
• Supporting diversity and inclusion initiatives at the executive level

By offering a transparent fee structure, a high level of client engagement and by working to agreed timescales we are able to help our clients reduce hiring times, increase quality and save costs.

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HR and Consultancy

We at Pertemps provide HR & Consultancy Services.

Pertemps are one of the few organisations in the UK that can deliver strategic and tactical solutions across the whole employee lifecycle from workforce planning, recruitment, employee management right through to off-boarding and career transitioning.

Whether you require support for increasing HR demands, specific project or ongoing administrative activities Pertemps flexible, scalable solutions can be delivered operationally, geographically and commercially structured to best to support your business.

Pertemps HR and Consulting services delivers modular solutions that lower cost, increase efficiencies and allow you more time to strategically develop your business.

Consultancy and outsourced solutions we provide to support businesses to building a solid platform for the Assessing, Learning and Development of your current talent or future employees include:

  • Talent Insight & Analytics
  • Diversity & Inclusion frameworks
  • Employer Brand & Experience strategies
  • Market & Competitive Intelligence
  • Workforce Planning
  • End-to-end Selection and Assessment solutions
  • Complete Payroll infrastructure
  • Learning and Development
  • Career Transitioning
  • Driver Training
  • TUPE
  • Organisational transformation

Wrapped around a wider talent acquisition model or as a standalone solution, our resolution is simple – to deliver the right solutions, in the right place and at the right time to enable our clients to succeed.

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