4 day working week – how beneficial is it?

You may recently have seen in the news that the outcome of the trial of the 4-day working week was an astounding success. The overall verdict being...

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Building a successful talent team

For any company to be successful in recruiting and retaining talent it needs to start by getting the right people in place and building a strong ta...

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Temporary recruitment - is it cost-effective?

There is a common impression that using temporary staff will be more expensive than recruiting permanent employees.

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Volume recruitment vs regular recruitment: the...

Your business’s success depends on recruiting the right talent and having the right people at the right time can make or break a company- no matter...

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Hiring for soft skills: benefits and tips

Although often overlooked on a CV, hiring for soft skills is critical to a business’s success. According to a recent LinkedIn Global Talent Trends...

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Managing candidate counter offers

A counteroffer, as the name suggests, is a reactive term. It signifies the action taken by an employer to retain their employee who wants to leave...

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