The Benefits of On-Demand Talent Acquisition

Most businesses have needed to adapt since the start of the pandemic and with 2021 fast approaching, we anticipate many organisations will move tow...

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The rise of on-demand recruitment for 2021

With the impacts of furlough, downsizing of HR and in-house talent acquisition teams and a significant increase in volumes of applications to roles...

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Brexit: How will this affect your business?

Brexit is again on the minds of a lot of people and businesses in the UK. A poll was taken on 12th October 2020 and Brexit was cited as the third b...

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Recruitment going into 2021

The new year is fast approaching and as we look towards the future it is interesting to see what trends, advancements, and challenges the industry...

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What is the future of HR technology?

Mostly, the previous decade was about using HR technology to automate HR processes for people management and to make them slicker and more efficien...

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What will HR look like in 2021?

2021 HR trends will be influenced by the pandemic as the working environment has been completely re-shaped. The trends for next year will in the ma...

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