Temporary recruitment - is it cost-effective?

Written by Andrea Frith

There is a common impression that using temporary staff will be more expensive than recruiting permanent employees.

However, the freelance economy is booming and seems to be the active choice for both employers and employees. This preference is largely due to the flexibility that comes with this option, and it can work for both parties.  There are indeed several benefits to choosing this method of recruitment:

Cost savings
Temporary staff is provided at an hourly rate and clients are only invoiced for the hours worked. Employment costs will only include pay, NI, Holiday, Pension, and possibly apprenticeship levy. Savings will be made on not having to account for sick pay, medical/dental benefits, and any other benefits.

Temporary recruitment gives the ability to conveniently and efficiently add or reduce your headcount throughout the year to reflect your business needs. Effectively this is recruitment with no commitment and no ongoing costs

Temp to Perm

This can also be an opportunity to “try before you buy”. Many candidates who chose to work as temporary workers are also looking for their next permanent opportunity. During the course of the temporary assignment, an employer can use this time to determine if the candidate has enough knowledge, experience, and behaviors to do a particular job. This will reduce your risk of hiring mistakes.


The hiring process doesn`t need to take a long time. The short hiring process can be incredibly useful when clients have an urgent requirement. All onboarding and compliance and legal obligation remains with the agency allowing the candidates to start and begin working immediately.

Workers can offer an alternative insight and experience Bringing in fresh talent from temporary workers who often have extensive experience can enhance processes and, in some cases, add additional value. As temporary workers are experienced in joining organizations for short periods of time and at short notice, they can make an immediate impact on the existing workload

Reducing work stress on existing staff and helping staff retention

Offering more help when existing staff are stretched can stop burnout and save on increased overtime costs.

For further information on how Pertemps Managed Solution can assist in a variety of temporary recruitment, please contact andrea.frith@pertemps.co.uk

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