Building a successful talent team

Written by Andrea Frith

For any company to be successful in recruiting and retaining talent it needs to start in getting the right people in place and build a strong talent/recruitment team. 

This process needs to begin at the core roots of the business, and it is important that the company vision and culture is clear. From this it can be decided what type of team you are looking to build. The recruit needs to understand the company`s vision, values, and culture. The team then need to be able to communicate these values to potential hires. The talent team should be able to live and breathe the company values before being enabled to hire future employees.

Please see below a list that should be considered when hiring:


Curiosity is the most important trait of a good recruiter – these are the people that will do the research and be interested in what you do. The Talent team need to know everything about the company, ask as many questions as possible and get to know each individual hiring manager. A good recruiter needs to know how to listen and ask questions appropriately. Naturally curious people will be motivated to do a good job and show a genuine interest in others.


With the huge range of applicant tracking systems available and the ability to use powerful dashboards and reporting capabilities on offer, investment in a decent system is important. The benefits include giving a good candidates experience, to time efficiencies using automation such as follow-up messages to sourced candidates, allowing candidates to self-schedule interviews and plenty more.

Strong Communication skills

Strong communication skills with the ability to adapt depending on the context is vital. Communication is crucial for building a strong talent team ensuring the team work at maximum efficiency and have the ability to adapt their communication style depending on the audience. They are responsible for communicating with Senior Hiring Managers as well as potential candidates.

Deep Industry/Sector knowledge

If possible, source recruiters with strong knowledge and understanding within the relevant sector – having knowledge of the roles that need to be filled and how they fit into the business is a huge benefit.


Talent/Recruiting is a challenging but rewarding job and therefore a great career. It does have its challenges and covers much more than just sourcing candidates, it will cover retentions, onboarding and beyond – investing the right people is vital.



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