The contingent workforce (1)

Written by Leigh Foster

If you’re a large organisation it’s extremely likely that you are already making use of the ever-growing contingent workforce in the UK, but if you’re not, then creating a strategy to hire talented contingent workers should be something to really consider as we navigate 2023.

There are a number of pros to hiring contingent workers.  I’ve outlined a few of these below:

  • Enables your business to adjust to more easily and quickly to workload fluctuations. Pertemps Managed solutions can quickly provide your business with qualified staff due to unexpected demands such as seasonal / peak periods or employee shortages.
  • It can allow your business to evaluate a worker without any commitment. On top of allowing you to enter into several partnerships with no long-term commitments, working with contingent staff also gives you the opportunity to “try before you buy,” or explore the possibility of more permanent relationships with talented contingent workers on a short-term basis. If you find a temporary employee is a great fit for your company, you then have the option to transition them from temp to perm hire.
  • Can save time and money. The cost of hiring contingent workers is often cheaper if the role is to fulfill a short-term project or provide cover for situations such as long-term illness or maternity leave. 
  • Temps can help boost team morale and productivity. Happy employees with a healthy work/life balance tend to produce their best work and by bringing in new contingent staff your permanent employees can gain the needed support and increase their productivity by working with or delegating tasks to their temp colleagues. Contingent staff who are new to your company can bring fresh ideas and energy to the organisation whilst also appreciating your company culture from a different perspective than your permanent employees. 

At Pertemps Managed Solutions we have a number of innovative tools, strategies, and large talent pools to supply skilled contingent staff to your business during those vital peak times throughout the year.

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