Inclusive management – The challenges and advantages

Written by Andrea Frith

What is inclusive management:

Inclusive Management combines Talent Management and diversity and inclusion. This offers a fresh perspective on why any existing distinction between the two should disappear. It is about participation and inclusion, recognising each individual as having their own strength and weaknesses and that there is potential in everyone. Ultimately, talent management has generally been judged on employee performance to measure the outstanding candidates. This way of management is now facing criticism and it can exclude employees who hold lower or less senior roles within the business – i.e., not inclusive.


How to change the management style to be more inclusive?

Training, learning, and development should be offered to all. All training and promotional opportunities should be made available to everyone in the company, not just top performers, or senior managers. Employees will be engaged and motivated when fair treatment is the common theme, and this will help with talent retention. The shift in management will be focused on taking an inclusive approach offering progression for all employees.

Make career paths transparent for all employees – make it clear and easy to follow, no one wants to work for a company that hides its promotional opportunities or keeps the promotional criteria secret.

Start at the beginning and ensure that recruitment processes for attracting new talent is inclusive. Ensure that adverts look and sound inclusive, and offer any reasonable adjustments throughout the process.

Make Diversity and Inclusion a business strategy – it is so much more than meeting legal requirements to operate an equitable business.


The benefits of an inclusive management style:

Organisations that take this approach should benefit ethically, financially, and morally. Companies will learn from a more diverse group of employees who will offer diverse thoughts and ideas which in turn will increase creativity and productivity. It will have positive benefits on employer branding. Fresh talent is much more likely to join and stay at a company with a diverse workforce.

Ultimately recognise high potential in everyone.



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