How to make sure your job advert is Millennial and Gen Z friendly

Written by Mairead Simons

In the next few years, we will see an increase in Millennials and Gen Z in the workforce and they will make up a significant force across industries. Millennials have been in the workforce for under 10 years while Gen Z will be brand new to professional life meaning it’s important to make sure your company is ‘moving with the times’ and keeping up to date in recruitment and hiring trends aimed at the younger generation.

Emphasis on transferrable skills rather than on previous experience is important when wanting to attract new talent. It's daunting when joining the workforce and can be off-putting to come across advert after advert where ‘2 years’ experience’ is put under ‘essential’. Companies who are willing to build upon transferrable skills rather than focusing in on the industry-specific experience will see a lot more success in hiring Gen Z and Millennial candidates.

Extra perks are the key to the younger generation’s hearts. Think Flexi working, fun incentives, and great atmospheres in the offices – these are the benefits you should focus on in job adverts if you are looking to pique the interest of Gen Z. Standard benefits and paychecks are well and good but if you do have extra benefits, it’s a great idea to highlight this in the job advert in order to make it attractive.

Highlight the impact they’ll have on the business. One appreciable thing about this age group is that they have a deep desire to have an impact and be part of the greater good. If they know that their job will contribute to a worthy cause, they will be highly invested from the get-go. Whether it’s making a difference within the company or outside of the company; if they feel like their job can make a difference, they will be all in. Make it clear from the job advert the impact that employees will have.

Put emphasis on opportunities for growth and career betterment. Employee tenure in these times is a much shorter duration than it has been in the past. A large part of this is because as soon as someone feels like they can’t move up within their current company, they begin their search for new opportunities. Let them know what options will be available to them once they have been with the company for a certain amount of time. It also helps to be a company that makes internal promotions a priority, employees who feel they can go somewhere will be much more likely to invest in the company.  

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