Working from home 2 years on

Written by Andrea Frith

Following an enormous shift to working from home for occupations where this is possible, there is currently a debate on the following:

  • Potential impact on employees productivity and job satisfaction
  • Career trajectories

Views vary depending on the sector in which the employee works and the type of role they are responsible for. Obviously, the benefit of working from home that is sited the most is the impact of work/life balance – less time commuting, more time at home with family. Many also site that less distraction means more work. All of this has a positive effect on productivity and well-being.

However, what about the employee where interpersonal contact is important. As human beings, we naturally form habits and find it harder and harder to break them as time goes by. Are the majority of office workers content with working from home because that is what has become the norm?
Are a large number of employees working from home because it suits the leaders of the business and their lifestyles?

Many leaders making this decision will have achieved their career goals and do not need the interaction with other to learn and thrive.   It has long been recognised that in the early stages of any career you learn from others.  “Surround yourself with successful people and learn and copy their behaviours, identify colleagues who are not doing well and have a negative view, observe these behaviours and make sure that you do copy”

How can this happen if everything is done remotely?

During the last two years, employees have been recruited, on-boarded and trained remotely. Is this healthy? Will the development of these individuals be hampered?

Only time will tell.

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