Why should you consider taking on temporary staff?

Written by Mairead Simons

Temporary workers can offer a wealth of skills to any business, bringing new perspectives and working styles as well as offering solutions to staffing queries. A temporary member of staff will be employed by an agency and placed in your company on short or ongoing assignments, meaning payroll and lots of the process is already taken care of, but on top of this, employing temporary workers has more benefits than initially might meet the eye.

  1. The ability to adjust the size of your workforce with ease

Using a temporary agency means that a wealth of workers are within your reach. If you are needing to scale up for a large project, taking on temporary staff is a great way to combat this. You are able to reach headcount, often without lengthy interview processes and contract creation. This saves your company time in the long run as the slog of taking people on is no longer an issue.

  1. Availability of candidates

Working with a temporary agency with access to plenty of readily available candidates can help get employees in place quicker than you would expect. Waiting for lengthy notice periods is often not necessary when working with temporary staff so your hiring process will be quicker and smoother. You may be able to get a temporary worker in a matter of hours!

  1. Bringing in fresh perspectives and skillsets

Adding new heads into your team for short periods of time is a great way to keep a flow of ideas and creativity. With a wider base of skills and mindsets, you should find that the knowledge in your team is further reaching, and this is a great way to rejuvenate your team.

  1. Reaching a wider audience

If your company hasn’t ventured into the world of temporary recruitment, there are such a huge wealth of candidates available in this pool you will be missing out on some great employees. There are lots of reasons why candidates will be looking for temp opportunities, and they should not be written off for working this way. Opening up your candidate pool to temporary talent will do your workforce the world of good.

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