Why positive work cultures are more productive

Written by Andrea Frith

A demanding and high-pressured working environment has in some cases been developed in the belief that this would drive employees to deliver faster and increase productivity.

However, there is now a belief that in the long run, this may be harmful to productivity over time and that a more positive environment will lead to dramatic benefits for employees, employers, and the bottom line. Pushing employees to work faster and creating a pressurised environment holds hidden costs. In some cases, workplace absences caused by stress can account for over 50% of the reason for sickness. It is therefore fundamental to develop and maintain a positive work culture. Developing a positive work culture does not actually have to cost and the benefits will out way any incurred.

Why is a positive workplace culture important?

  • It will help attract and retain employees – once a strong workplace culture is embraced employees have fewer reasons to leave.
  • It increases creativity and innovation encouraging employees to add value to their roles
  • It boosts productivity, autonomy, and efficiency
  • It increases trust between team members and managers
  • It increases collaboration and communication.

Organisations with a positive work culture give employees clear expectations for career development and give them access to the tools and training needed for success. This can be done by allowing easy access to on-the-job training and encouraging employees by giving them the time needed to develop skills.  It is also essential to create individual goals for employees giving them the opportunity to gain promotion. 

The keys to developing a positive work culture are:

  • Create clear goals and identify the rewards available if these are achieved
  • Ensure the work environment is inclusive
  • Encourage communication and collaboration
  • Establish clear company values and live by them

Ultimately a positive workplace culture is essential for establishing a sense of pride. When people take pride in their work they invest in their future. Identify this behaviour and reward accordingly.


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