Why organisations are engaging more and more with an RPO providers in the Post Covid-19 World?

Written by Simon Benford-Blows

RPO firms generally partner with businesses that need assistance for their recruitment needs. This partnership helps the company greatly, as RPO service providers have created specific recruitment methods to especially meet such a demand. RPO firms are accustomed to deploying Agile, flexible and scalable recruitment solutions and methodologies providing short, medium and long term, result-oriented recruitment models.

Many employers ask ‘why does RPO matter?’. The answer is that RPO & Project RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) matters during these tough times of the pandemic more than ever.

 Simon Benford-Blows, Head of RPO at Pertemps Managed Solutions, says:

"RPO is not a new recruitment concept, however, never has it found more significance than now when companies are facing a huge shortage and competition for staff due to the impacts of the current labour shortages.

"This is happening due to the economic bounce-back created by the pandemic. Furthermore, businesses are also experiencing a huge fluctuation in demand, trying to backfill on positions as well as responding to increased periodic bouts of high demand.

"We are finding that the ability to provide instant agile, flexible and scalable solutions to clients is critical at this time”

This has necessitated the urgent need to recruit staff for the short to medium term to cash in on these bouts of increasing demand however also as a result of severe cuts back created due to the furlough scheme and employees changes in approach to work and flexibility of working patterns and locations. In addition to this companies have become caught out in areas due to the ever-changing economic dynamics.

In these situations, an RPO firm will help you with effective recruitment by helping you find the right talent for the job. This is why RPO matters. As it can help you hire the best even in these circumstances.

If you are still wondering why RPO matters, here’s why. In these testing circumstances, RPO services could fill in the gaps and add actual value and expertise to your recruitment efforts. RPO providers focus on creating long term strategic partnerships, which goes beyond sourcing and recruitment.

This means that the RPO focuses on becoming your strategic recruiting partner, one that will invest in learning the culture and values of your company and will provide you with better recruitment results, which would be far-reaching.

How are Pertemps Managed Solutions solving the immediate challenges?

Pertemps brings significant resourcing power and agility enabling more clarity to the recruiting process. This helps you find solutions to many of the immediate challenges posed by the current labour shortage. We have been fortunate to be at the forefront of many Public and Private sector industries and have seen unparalleled growth in support requests from clients across all sectors and disciplines.

Pertemps can offer the following:

  • Outsourced support to businesses that were forced to cut down their internal HR and talent acquisition staff due to the pandemic.
  • Project RPO solutions for volume recruitment
  • Assistance to scale up operations for the resilient and disruptive industries, which have thrived in the pandemic, for e.g., start-ups and tech vendors.
  • Goal-oriented consultancy for companies who intend to review, modify or redefine the human resource strategies for the future.
  • Bolster current recruitment strategies and provide agile, flexible and scalable solutions to cover short medium- and long-term plans

How can you benefit by partnering with an effective RPO service provider?

  • You will be able to meet your unpredictable talent requirements.
  • An RPO will help you with effective workforce planning.
  • RPOs help you provide a positive and consistent candidate experience.
  • They will help you precisely define what a quality hire is.
  • They will help you align the recruitment strategy to match your business model and strategy.
  • RPOs will help you overcome business uncertainties, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, and help you implement the necessary changes for sustainability.
  • An RPO will help you change your entire recruitment process, making it more efficient.
  • RPOs will help you to effectively measure your success.
  • They will help you engage in a successful long-term recruiting partnership.
  • An RPO will help you understand and estimate your actual recruitment and talent acquisition expenditure.

The agile nature of RPO providers and their use of cutting-edge technology is the reason why many businesses, small or large alike, are partnering with RPO firms to attract, recruit and retain the right talent.

Creating a flexible on-demand recruitment strategy

Under the usual circumstances too, a company needs to scale up or scale down their recruiting process to instantly meet the irregular or fluctuating demands of the market. For some companies, the current pandemic situation, however, has drastically increased the need for efficient recruitment processes. RPO firms could provide an on-demand recruitment strategy for the company to effectively respond to this unexpected increase in recruiting needs.

Help survive the pandemic and thrive

RPO firms generally partner with businesses that need instant assistance for their recruitment needs. This partnership helps the company greatly, as RPO service providers have created specific recruitment methods to especially meet such a demand. RPO firms are accustomed to short and long term, result-oriented recruitment models. Using their expertise and recruitment tech, they tap the talent pool efficiently. This is why RPO firms are the best partners to assist you with irregular or fluctuating recruiting needs during the pandemic. The kind of support that the RPO will provide with your short-term requirements will help you reap benefits in the long term, long past this pandemic crisis.


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