What value could Modular Recruitment bring to your business?

Written by Leigh Foster

Popular modular recruitment services are split into 3 main sections: Project Management, People Assessment and Candidate sourcing.  

  • Project Management

This is an essential part of the recruitment process plans and coordinates the activities needed to reach a successful outcome that is on time and within budget. 

‘Fail to prepare, prepare to fail’.  So answer these questions to yourself – What are going to be the measurements of success for this assignment/project?  What are the key competencies expected of the candidates? Have you developed an action plan to achieve the objectives?  Assigned individual responsibilities to make this work?

It runs from the initial briefing at the start of the process through to negotiating offers and conducting references and works for whatever method of candidate sourcing is needed to attract the right caliber of person. 

This service is typically used by companies for its expertise and experience to meet their goals at times of peak recruitment when internal HR resources are pushed.

  • Candidate Sourcing

This involves an expert assessment of how to locate the right candidates at an entry-level cost and usually includes:

  • Evaluation of the role
  • Assessment of the market
  • Writing the job brief
  • Advertisement
  • Managing the whole process
  • Reviewing CV’s

This service is normally used by companies who are unsure of the best strategy of how to attract the most appropriate talent for this post.  This could be down to volume or niche requirements for the role that requires the specialist search to attract the right ability.

  • People Assessment

This improves the quality of external hiring by using specialist assessment techniques.  This can include:

  • Structured telephone interviews and assessments
  • Psychometric testing, depending on the role, can include general aptitude/ ability/personality management potential/competency/leadership style
  • Using a knowledgeable shortlist facilitator or observer

We tend to see this piece used when businesses embark on large-scale recruitment campaigns to sift, select, evaluate, and screen the best candidates for the role.

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