The workplace in 2022

Written by Leigh Foster

It’s safe to say that the workplace today is very different from that pre-March 2020. Covid (In its many guises) has changed everything, making working from home and video calling an everyday occurrence.  I think we have now realised this isn’t going to be a short-term thing and will be long lasting – so what will the coming years look like?

Remote workers will expect greater salaries

Offering remote work is an essential benefit when looking for the next opportunity, but with more and more companies now offering this it is diluting the advantage a lot of companies would have previously had, so providing other attractive benefits such as boosting salaries will be key to attracting the best talent possible.

Hiring will be just as difficult as 2021

2021 saw major disruption to the labour market due to significant changes to immigration laws, covid, an ageing population and as mentioned above, workers re-evaluating their options whether that be working from home or hybrid working has been a positive impact on their family life or the sheer amount of roles available.  On this basis, employers will continue to struggle to find and even retain talent.  Flexibility and creativity will be big for 2022, and what I mean by that is companies promoting remote working, improving the workplace culture and flexible working outside of the standard 9-5.

Continue the exposure of Diversity and Inclusion

A leading workplace review site recently found that 72% of UK job seekers and employees consider a diverse workforce an important factor when evaluating companies and job offers.  Employees will continue to expect to see progression and transparency from their employer, and by offering questionnaires and surveys companies can really hone in on the ‘problem areas’ on which they need to improve.

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