The value of Project RPO

Written by Andrea Frith

Most organisations would measure the value of any investment by increased efficiencies and/or reduction in costs. As the proposition of planning for any headcount becomes increasingly uncertain and talent acquisition teams become more and more stretched, working with an RPO (recruitment process outsourcing) provides a versatile, agile and cost-effective way of recruiting new talent. This isn’t just for the traditional volume fill (contact centres etc), but the proposition of an RPO can act as an extension of the existing TA team supporting in strategic hiring and future planning.



Here are a number of benefits that using the right RPO provider can deliver: 

1) Increased speed of hire 

Pertemps Managed Solutions (PMS) has experience of working directly with hiring managers, agreeing SLA`s on delivery and processing any number of hires with speed and efficiency. PMS operates within a shared service environment giving clients access to a variety of offerings. The recruitment process can be streamlined to suit any requirement and can include screening, sourcing, assessment, offer management. The offering can include the complete process of one small part if necessary. In summary, PMS offers a versatile and agile solution in extremely short time scales.

2) Access to qualified talent pools and the skill set to source talented passive candidates 

PMS has experienced expertise to source any level of candidate, whether this be high volume campaigns of scarce talents. PMS has proven methodologies to source using a variety of tools including extensive databases and access to find those rare skills using passive candidates.

3) Latest recruitment technology 

Technology offerings are the key to talent innovation. PMS can provide a whole range of application to support in the recruitment process, including innovative video interviewing platforms providing access to various assessment tools, ATS and VMS portals. PMS strive to be ahead of the game with any new tools being launched and have experts on site to guide a quick and efficient implementation if needed.

4) Employer branding and EVP

PMS will work with line managers and recruiters to research a company’s brand and ensure any brand strategy is aligned. It is vital to work with the HR team to clarify their company`s employee value proposition (EVP) and to deliver a positive brand strategy.

5) Compliance - reduce risk

Working with an RPO can help mitigate any risk resulting from non-compliant hiring practices. PMS are able to assist delivering a low risk hiring strategy by utilising its knowledge and expertise in any employment legislation for example, IR35. Tools are available to efficiently and effectively run any background checks or references. Experts stay up to date with any legal changes.

6) Analytics 

By consolidating all of the above, PMS can produce a whole suite of information to assist in measuring performance metrics, supply models and business performance outcomes. Data available can transform and interrupt data into business intelligence and help make informed decisions for any future recruitment campaigns.

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