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Written by Leigh Foster

The majority of businesses across the world want to be in the cloud, but what is the cloud? It’s essentially the on-demand availability of computer system resources, data storage and computing power services that run on the internet instead of locally on a PC/Laptop.  Large clouds could be distributed across multiple locations called data centres.

There are many benefits of moving to cloud-based solutions, and below I have outlined a few:

  • Cost-effectiveness - Cloud-based services will allow your company to make considerable savings, while also future-proofing your IT infrastructure. Removing hardware from the site means equipment such as servers can be housed and managed off-site, meaning ongoing maintenance responsibilities can be moved to an outsourced provider, saving on manpower, maintenance costs and energy bills. One of the greatest advantages of the cloud for businesses, particularly those with limited budgets, is the monthly subscription option. Rather than being forced to pay one large lump sum, you can spread your costs over 12 smaller monthly payments.
  • Work flexibility - Cloud computing allows you to create a virtual office that is available from anywhere in the world, no matter the time of the day. This is particularly useful if your business has offices in overseas locations or work with international clients. This flexibility is especially appropriate for the modern workforce. Companies are increasingly recognising that allowing remote working as an option can have a significant impact on employee satisfaction levels while also going some way to reduce internal energy costs.  However, this degree of flexibility is only possible when a suitable technical infrastructure is in place. By implementing cloud-based programs and file-sharing software, staff can work independently and easily when out of the office.
  • Much improved security - Security and reliability are vital when it comes to dealing with company or customer data, particularly with the complexities of GDPR. One of the main advantages of cloud computing is the level of security it can offer. In the past, businesses would have saved valuable data on hard drives or USBs. These storage devices carry the risk of getting lost, misplaced or stolen and accessed by unauthorised people.  However, this method of data security isn’t in line with today’s best security practices. You may remember how stolen laptops cost the NHS greatly, both in terms of data loss and its reputation. If you want to ensure maximum security for your company’s data, a cloud service provider is the best option.
  • Increased efficiency and integration – One advantage of moving to the cloud is that it can be easily integrated with existing company software. This streamlined integration of services allows for better project management, as all changes or updates can be automatically synchronised to popular apps such as Office 365.

At some point in the not so distant future everyone, not just businesses will be using cloud-based services in their everyday lives as hardware will become less available and eventually redundant. 

At Pertemps Managed Solutions we have already worked with a number of clients that have already successfully gone through multi-million-pound transformation programmes that require the expertise of professional, experienced and reliable workers.

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