Recruitment trends in 2023

Written by Lynsey Simpson

As 2023 progresses swiftly it’s no surprise that a new year comes with a host of new recruitment trends. Staying ahead of the curve gives your recruitment strategy the edge in attracting top talent.

There are a multitude of recruitment trends predicted for this year so we thought we would consolidate a few below:

Solutions-focused recruitment:

  1. With some agencies diversifying the roles of members within their teams to include specialist recruiters, account managers, temp-only consultants, and perm-only consultants it allows agencies to offer clients an expanded range of solutions. Account managers are moving into more strategic positions, truly understanding their client’s business functions, and, account managers can offer specific recruitment strategies which align with the company’s growth plans. Having teams that are adaptable to multiple campaigns/roles means a more streamlined approach to recruitment.



  1. Alongside most of the corporate world, the recruitment sector in 2023 is expected to witness more agencies and staffing firms turning to automation. Within recruitment, there are many repetitive admin tasks that automation can take care of allowing recruiters more time to get on with recruiting! The increase in automation within recruitment also coincides with Gen Z entering the workforce- a generation who are often tech-savvy.


Candidates are saying “no”

  1. Top talent is aware they can say “no” and now more than ever we are seeing a rise in the number of offers being rejected by candidates- in fact, candidates are 66% more likely to say “no” to an offer in 2022 then they were before the pandemic. With candidates rejecting offers, how do you stand out? A large part is candidate experience! Throughout the candidate journey from the initial contact through to the point of hire you have an opportunity to express to a candidate the culture of your company. Be sure to put time into your recruitment strategy as it truly is the shopfront of your company to a candidate.


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