Recruitment planning 2023

Written by Andrea Frith

It is impossible to predict with certainty how recruitment will look in 2023. The repercussion of covid and the way hybrid working evolved is still to settle. The economic outlook is not painting a positive start to the New Year and the cost-of-living crisis has not yet really taken hold.

Technological advancements are forcing the workplace to evolve, and recruitment will become more AI-powered.  Organisations will still be competing for talent and recruitment teams should be working on a strategy to be successful in 2023. For tips on how to develop the strategy please see below several trends to be aware of that will influence successful planning:

Candidate experience

A positive candidate experience can result in good things for the company`s branding and bottom line. A candidate's experience should be taken as seriously as marketing to new and existing customers.

Proactive recruitment

Proactively sourcing is rising. A recruitment team armed with efficient tools and training will allow access to a greater talent pool. Advertising jobs will not create talent pools.  Strategic recruiters search outside of their network and tap into talent proactively within a variety of markets. This should also include developing internal mobility.

Social Networks
Social media channels is a valuable place to connect with job seekers, it makes candidates feel valued and since Covid, many people turned to social media to stay connected.  

HR Analytics and data-driven recruiting
Recruitment decisions are being made on data. The use of HR analytics is enabling users to gain insights into which areas of their recruitment process are working. It can help evaluate skill gaps

Talent pool creation

Many talent teams could be missing a vital recruitment strategy around the building and maintaining talent pools, both internally and externally. The benefits of managing an up-to-date and current talent pool include shorter time-to-hire and hiring costs savings

These trends should help companies search for talent. It is important to point out that no matter the hiring strategy technological support can occur at every stage of the hiring journey.  Sophisticated advancements need to be embraced.

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