Passive Candidate Recruitment Strategies

Written by Mairead Simons

According to research, up to 73% of job seekers are open to new opportunities despite not actively looking for a new role. Breaking into this market of candidates, who may not have even yet been approached by other recruiters, can really pay off. There are challenges when it comes to passive recruitment, however, there are times when this will be more than worth it, so below are some useful strategies to help you make the most of the passive market. 

  • Networking

A great way to utilise the passive candidate market is to use existing employees and contacts to reach out to a broader network. Referrals in particular are a great way to be introduced to candidates who may not be actively looking but would have the right skill set for the role you are hiring for. Social media, particularly LinkedIn, is also a brilliant way to use your network to attract passive candidates.

  • Advertising effectively

Using your brand and benefits effectively whilst advertising and networking is a brilliant way to attract passive candidates, they might just not have known what they were looking for until they came across your company’s LinkedIn posts.

  • Act fast

You most likely won’t be the only recruiting party admiring a passive candidate's profile, so it’s important that you reach out quickly! You might just catch somebody at precisely the right moment. Passive candidates also come with the benefit of being less likely to be interviewing for other companies, so with a streamlined and smooth interviewing process, you can quickly secure great talent.

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