Importance of humanising candidate touchpoints throughout the recruitment process

Written by Chris West

Advances in technology have made the recruitment process quicker and more efficient however human interaction is still king when trying to have a good impression on a candidate. Recruiters are using technology to recruit top talent with tools such as texting, social media, and AI-driven chatbots. These pieces of technology often take out the headache of back-and-forth emails, long hiring times and ghosting–but at what cost for talent teams?

With these techniques taking over the human aspect of recruiting, it is important to remember that candidates still value a personal connection and touch. Therefore, balancing technology and the human element is key to successful hiring.

98% of Fortune 500 companies rely on an applicant tracking system to screen CVs. This automation can efficiently narrow the applicant pool while identifying potential matches for hiring managers. Texting/emailing has become more and more popular post-pandemic, nearly 80% of job seekers report landing a job through texting. Of the companies that use it for screening, 90% say it is imperative to their recruiting solutions.

But these systems are just technology. Without the right people and processes, it’s difficult to make them work. While text messages, emails, and chatbots enable quicker interactions between the candidate and recruiter, it’s still important to have human interactions with candidates as this will give them a point of contact, somebody they can express their thoughts etc. For example, checking in with the applicant before and after their interview to see if they have any questions makes for a better candidate experience, improves communication, and demonstrates genuine care for the job seeker.

Research shows that companies with the highest levels of employee engagement have 59% less turnover than those who do not build a strong employee-employer bond. They also report 41% fewer absences and a 21% boost in productivity. One way to help with this is through effective, personalised onboarding rather than the emerging trend of automating the entire process.

Onboarding is a powerful aspect of building that vital connection. Developing good relationships with new hires during onboarding and keeping their interest is critical. According to recent surveys, 96% of employees say that empathy from employers makes them want to stay at a job. Employees who do not feel personally valued in a company are less likely to perform well. They are more likely to leave, too.

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