HR Trends 2022

Written by Andrea Frith

HR Trends in 2022 are likely to be more about adapting and advancing trends with an emphasis on how HR can add value as opposed to the reinvention and solidification that occurred during 2020/21. The changes that have occurred to the working world is not comparable to any other times and this will have resulted in an increase in pressure on the HR teams across the world. This has included a swift move to remote working in some cases this was literally overnight, dealing with various lockdowns across the globe all with different rules and all the health concerns that ran alongside this to the gradual return to work and now the recent “great resignation” issue and the overall shortage of talent.

How will the role of HR evolve and continue to support businesses in 2022 and what are the key trends?

Focus on Retention: Internal mobility and a great focus on learning and development will be a greater priority. Allowing easier access to promotion and up-skilling with improve retention, increase productivity, and assist with the hiring process.

Diversity and inclusion initiatives: This is not new to the HR Agenda however it will continue to be extremely important and additional investment is likely to be focused on ensuring Senior Managers are showing commitment and that it fits in with the company brand. Further investment is likely to be also focused on unconscious bias training.

Review of benefits and compensation: Work-life balance as we start to slowly return to normal seems to be the theme in employees’ recent asks. Surveys have shown that flexibility and recognition are extremely important. Benefits that improve employee’s well-being such as more flexible hours, mental health support to include mental health training and free counselling sessions

People analytics: Upgrading learning platforms, investment in virtual working technologies and will increase buy-in for the up-and-coming change to HR policies. Working from home productivity KPI`s need to be up to date and well suited to the “new remote/hybrid” working. With a much larger percentage of the workforce working away from the office for in some cases most of the time investment is needed to ensure collaboration, communication and positive behaviours are monitored.

Talent acquisition. The war for talent is strong and HR will need to increase efforts towards talent acquisition and work towards creating an employer brand and working environment that is attractive to both new recruits and existing new employees.

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