How to Retain Staff When Your Top Talent is Leaving

Written by Sarah Tomlin

Employee retention refers to an organisation’s efforts to prevent high turnover rates and retain its best employees. Companies concerned about retention rates put policies and strategies into place to increase employee satisfaction and retain their best employees.

It is not always about keeping all current employees, it’s also about retaining employees who have the talent, drive, and desire to bring their A-game to work every day and contribute to your organisation.

How recruitment impacts retention

Happy employees tend to stay at their jobs, and the hiring process needs to take this into account. Employers need to target and consider hiring new candidates that understand their roles and job descriptions, have a smooth onboarding process, and match the company culture, so their job satisfaction levels stay high. 

And once the recruiting process brings in the right talent, a retention strategy of higher wages and employee compensation, better benefits, remote work opportunities, offers of career development, a focus on employee well-being, and a positive work environment that makes everyone feel connected will keep employee retention high. 

How recruitment can help to retain your best employees

  • Have clear, refined job descriptions that match goals and needs
  • Build and promote your employer brand to those both in and outside of the business
  • When it comes to retention tactics, the most important audience a company has is its own employees
  • Invest in a genuine diversity, equality, and inclusion strategy
  • Often, the best talent you could hire for your organisation is someone who already works for you and has the ability to do the job
  • Communicate culture with both current employees and potential candidates, and work to uphold those values in your retention strategy

While finding (and keeping) qualified employees can be difficult in any job market, it is especially difficult right now, when candidates have plenty of jobs to pick and choose from. 

Having the resources in place for a successful recruitment and retention strategy at your business enables you to find and place top talent while keeping your top employees satisfied at work.

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