How to Create Job Adverts to Attract the Right Candidate

Written by Sarah Tomlin

Everyone has their own way of creating a job advert but sometimes the same routine doesn’t work. Figuring out what small changes we can make to take an advert from average to amazing, can make a massive difference in your recruitment process.

Write your job description carefully

Top talent will be attracted to a top job advert. Many job seekers will only spend a few seconds on an advert, so ensure that it is easy to read and to avoid them glossing over it and either, ignoring it altogether, or applying when they’re not qualified for the role. It’s always worth getting a second opinion on the ad you write to check that the language is natural, easy to understand and engaging.

Another key point that people will look at is grammar and syntax. If you’re looking for exceptional candidates, putting extra time into spell checking is recommended. Additionally, make sure the advert doesn’t look like a huge wall of text. It’s good to elaborate, but short and informative bullet points are better at grabbing attention.

Be careful about the job title

There’s an increasing number of ‘quirky’ job titles now, for example HR Guru or Sales Ninja. These titles do have the unique value but on the other hand, these roles are sure to attract a number of candidates that will purely apply out of interest. You will also make it harder for candidates to apply. The vast majority of people look for a job through search engines, so using titles such as ‘Guru’ or ‘Ninja’ will eliminate the chances of anyone seeing your ad.

Required skills

Make sure you are reasonable when putting together a list of required skills. Many candidates will be put off a comprehensive list and if they don’t feel like they have everything on your list, then they will be discouraged to apply. Obviously we want to find the best talent, so including the essentials is ideal, but remember to keep them simple, don’t use jargon or abbreviations as this can get confusing.

Key things to remember:

  • Short paragraphs are better at grabbing attention
  • Always speak to your candidates directly so they can envision themselves doing the role they’re applying for
  • Simple job titles work better than creative ones
  • Many candidates won’t apply if the list of required skills is too comprehensive

In today’s competitive market, it’s more important than ever to have help in hiring the best quality candidates. Start by making your advert really stand out from crowd.


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