How Pertemps Managed Solution outsourced direct sourcing solution is changing the recruitment landscape

Written by Simon Benford-Blows

What is Direct Sourcing?

Direct Sourcing – sometimes referred to as “Project RPO” or “RPO for contingent” – is where an experienced workforce solutions partner such as Pertemps Managed Solutions provides you with a dedicated recruiting team to source either Permanent or Contingent workforce including temps either in a white labelled capacity or independently.

Engaging in this way allows you a scalable, flexible and agile resource to enable direct access to the labour market and reduces your dependency on staffing and recruitment agencies.

If engage using a White labelled solution i.e. “using your brand” it enables the direct sourcing team in leveraging your brand to build your reputation as an employer of choice thereby improving candidate experience, EVP and NPS.

The way this works with working with Pertemps Managed Solutions is that it provides you access to a bank of specialist recruiters, resourcers and talent acquisition specialists who actively find and engage talent pools for you in order to provide project-based outcomes as well as a continuous talent pipeline for key roles.

When engaging with Pertemps Managed Solutions for contingent workers it also manages the end to end solution for the onboarding and payroll for those workers so you can offer a streamlined experience and be confident in a first-class auditable compliance process.


So, what are the benefits of Direct Sourcing via Pertemps Managed Solutions?

The benefits of Direct Sourcing are numerous. Firstly you obtain greater control over the use of your brand out in the market, this then moves into confidence on the experience of candidates and what they are receiving and finally confidence in the knowledge of accessing the skills and experience your business really needs. In addition to this, you typically get market insights and data that support your talent programme, this comes into its own when recruiting volume, or across multi-site locations

Many of our clients quickly realise significant savings thanks to project-based pricing models via a direct source solution than the use of local or national agencies. In addition, there is far better collaboration between procurement, HR, and talent acquisition leads to further productivity savings thanks to:

- shorter time to hire;
- faster time to productivity;
- lower costs than staffing agency sourced workers
- better employer and client of choice branding;
- smoother onboarding, and;
- more efficient candidate pooling.

Direct Sourcing delivers improved candidate fit which typically drives hiring manager satisfaction in conjunction with increases in the quality of hire typically improves.

As Pertemps Managed Solutions work in a “trusted Partner Status” with its clients importantly, in addition to the short-term improvements, the increased understanding and use of your own brand in sourcing mean the benefits are also felt long-term across all category hiring.


How do I know if Direct Sourcing is right for my organisation?

The best Direct Sourcing opportunities are project-based or volume hiring of a similar skill set in geographically concentrated locations. However, that said we do also work with clients on smaller numbers where they want direct sourcing, which is agile, flexible and scalable which in effect means that as a business our sourcing expertise means we can meet most of our client's needs using a direct sourcing approach.

If protecting and enhancing your employer brand is a core goal for your programme, then direct sourcing could be for you. It enables you to keep control of the messaging out to the market as well as ensure that all recruitment happens under your logo and brand guidelines.

Alternately, if you’re looking for cost savings the reduced fees of direct sourcing placements will appeal to you. As the Pertemps Managed Solutions will know your brand better we are not only better able to promote your roles, but also they spend more time on your roles.

Another common reason people turn to Direct Sourcing is when they want to reduce their time to hire. Thanks to those engaged, interested candidates in your talent pool you can bring qualified staff onboard faster, without compromising on quality.

To learn more about how Pertemps Managed Solution has been supporting a wide area of business in the current climate, please feel free to get in touch with for an initial conversation.

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