EVP: Benefits of Employee Appreciation

Written by Chris West

It takes a team to get a business off the ground and keep it running, and business owners with the most talented employees tend to have the most success. But finding and keeping the right talent takes more than good luck. One of the best ways to retain your employees is to show them that they are valued. 

The importance of employee appreciation 

Here are some ways employee appreciation can benefit your business: 

- It builds trust. If workers can’t trust you, your business will not operate smoothly. Employees want to feel like their bosses see them as human beings and have their best interests in mind. 

- It boosts productivity. If workers feel that you care, you will see it in how hard they work. Appreciated employees feel invested in the success of a company and will make a more calculated effort. 

- It decreases turnover. Hiring and onboarding a new employee is time-consuming and costly. Because recognising employees can improve morale, you might be able to reduce your employee turnover rate by showing employees they are appreciated. 

- It improves brand reputation. In today’s age of online reviews and social media, you can be sure that if you treat your employees poorly, people will find out. You don’t want to be known as an organisation to avoid. 

Here are some ways you can make your employees feel appreciated in the workplace: 

1. Feed the team! People love to be fed and it creates the opportunity to get together and strengthen interpersonal relationships. 

2. Express your appreciation on LinkedIn. It’s always good to recognise employees hard work publicly through social media. 

3. Have a monthly team award. This will give the leadership team the opportunity to push recognition from the upper ranks. 

4. Offer training opportunities. Sending staff on external training is a great way to validate these employees and show how much you value them by providing a development opportunity. 

5. Celebrate anniversaries and milestones. Reward your employees for their dedication and loyalty to your organization by recognising their accomplishments. Make a company-wide announcement for each employee’s work anniversary, thanking them for their continued efforts to your organisation. If you have an in-office team, decorate the employee’s desk with a few of their favourite things to remind them you care 

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