Essential working practices that increase remote motivation

Written by Josh Musominari

While we find ourselves in another national lockdown working remotely under difficult circumstances, it is essential to find ways to keep teams motivated and working in unison to keep spirits high and motivated. We have looked into different practices and spoken to our clients to find out what they are doing during this period.

Executive communication

In understandably difficult times, communication from leadership is essential. In some organisations, executive teams have organised company wide virtual meetings and even one to one session to gain insight into how operations are being affected at all levels of the company and provide guidance and reassurance. These lines of communication can enhance employee’s engagement and understanding of company wide challenges and identify solutions to ensure continuous delivery.

Amplifying successes and positive achievements

Even in these circumstances, teams and individuals are persevering and delivering results. Creating visual reminders of appreciation for accomplishments of all forms is a great practice when we find ourselves physically disjointed. Reminding employees that the work and effort extended is of value and a key to remaining responsive and successful. Additionally, this allows ideas and inspiration to move across the organisation.

Science suggests that negative news and information tends to have a longer lasting effect than positive news and in challenging times, it is important to have positive reinforcement and make work a source of respite for employees.

Screen time

It has been noted that during the pandemic, people have found it difficult to switch off and break away from their screens. With the economic stresses and pressures that come with working from home, some organisations have implemented dedicated time for employees to step away from their screens each week and take time for themselves. In certain countries, there are regulations and cultural expectations designed to keep employees work life balance, for example France, where employees are legally in a position to limit official communications such as emails to their working hours.

Mental health tools

At the start of the pandemic, the app-based mediation platform Headspace, offered discounted subscriptions and free sessions to aid in stress management and relief. Numerous platforms were offering enterprise discounts and licencing deals, with increased uptake. Advancing mental health outreach via first aiders and human resources is essential in supporting and identifying employees that need support.

External speakers

Extending the knowledge base and motivation from guest speakers can be a great way to bring new skills and experience into your organisation and inspire their performance. With social contact limited, connecting outside of social and professional circles is a good way to keep employees feeling refreshed in these times.

We are all experiencing some degree of difficulty in the current situation and working with your employees to keep the train on the tracks is something we are all familiar with. Find out how we can support you within this ever-changing landscape, contact us today.

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