Employee engagement tips

Written by Sarah Tomlin

There is evidence to suggest that employee engagement is key to improving productivity, innovation and customer experiences, as well as reducing staff absence and turnover. A recent study shows that organisations with highly engaged employees benefit from 250% higher performance-related business outcomes and 33% higher profits. Their employee turnover has reduced by more than 50%, proving a lot lower than companies with poor employee engagement strategies.

  1. Hire the right person for the job

It’s been proven that when employees are well suited to their position, there is a positive impact on employee engagement levels. A diligent recruitment process can help ensure that the right candidates are matched up with the right position. Here are a few ways to drive engagement from the start:

  • Keep job descriptions straightforward and realistic
  • Make sure the applicant's career goals and passions are in line with the position
  • Determine if the candidate is a good fit for the company’s culture


   2. Manage the hiring experience

Set positive expectations for all candidates during potential offers, this will demonstrate efficiency, organisation and respect during the hiring process. A proven way to keep our candidates engaged is by making them feel important and cared for.

Another way to keep applicants engaged is to keep the hiring process moving quickly. This isn’t always as easy as we’d like, but this can save you time and money, and also guarantee that you hire the best talent.


   3. Ensure suitable communication is always in place

Driving engagement before your candidates' first day at their new job can be as simple as a small gesture:

  • Give them a call wishing them good luck!
  • Touch base with the client too, and ask if they’ve engaged with the candidate
  • Send them an email with any details, such as start time, date, where to be, etc.

These easy, small touches can help your candidates feel more prepared, looked after and excited for their first day, which paves the way for increased engagement throughout their career.


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