Digitalisation in Recruitment

Written by Sarah Tomlin

It can sometimes be a bit overwhelming how much new technology is being marketed toward professionals. However, there are some advancements that have helped to improve the hiring process.

  • Online Applications

One of the first digital transformations to happen in the recruitment process was the availability of online applications. It’s rare for an applicant to apply for a job that doesn’t have some online element, whether that be: emailing a CV or filling out an application form through the internet.

  • Mobile Recruiting

Mobile recruiting is essentially allowing your candidates to complete any part of the recruitment process that isn’t a face-to-face interview, on a mobile device.

The trend of having a laptop or computer for personal use is quickly becoming less of a trend. Nowadays, almost everything you used a computer or laptop to do, can also be done using a smartphone or tablet. As this becomes more prominent in our modern world, we as recruiters will need to make sure each step of our recruitment process is accessible via these devices.

  • Video Interviews

Interviewing has also been given a digital upgrade, especially for the early-stage interviews. The use of video interviewing allows recruiters to talk to any candidate around the world and is designed to help speed up the recruitment process, while also getting the chance to talk with candidates face-to-face.

The recruitment process will continue to adapt and change as technology gets more advanced. We will see more innovative technology come out in the next few decades to help in our recruitment processes.

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