Benefits of recruitment analytics and insights

Written by Andrea Frith

The right recruitment marketing campaign in the right places put to the market at the right time, can be the difference between filling a vacancy or not. It is also so much more…

Using the correct recruitment marketing approach will allow increased exposure to your vacancy and the wider employer branding. A recruitment marketing campaign can include email campaigns, print advertising, radio, TV and social media. Consistent and persistent messaging will get your company recognised for future opportunities and attract real talent.  

Making sure you have the advert delivering the right message is important, not just to ensure you attract the quality candidates you desire, but also for the following:

  • Better candidate experience
  • Stronger employer branding
  • Reducing cost of hire
  • Improved candidate quality
  • Increased diversity
  • Build a pipeline of quality candidates

Ultimately the real success lies with the measurement of the above to ensure you continue to do the good stuff and stop doing what didn't work.  For a long time, advertising and subsequent marketing was looked at as part of a mystery. Organisations would spend thousands on advertising and marketing campaigns and not really know how successful they were and what the return on investment looked like. 

Digital Marketing methods do allow tracking. Analytics are available on email campaigns and social media adverts allowing visibility on candidate engagement, source of original application, reach, click through and much more. Understanding what is important and being able to measure the results will help to make more intelligent decisions for future advertising and will increase the overall ROI.

Further insights available

Increasingly clients are reaching out for advice on salaries and availability of certain skill sets. The uncertainty that COVID-19 has created for the economic outlook will create difficultly when planning headcount for the next year. It will also be an interesting year to see if organisation choose to increase salaries to retain talent or take a risk and leave them the same, this will also include the annual bonus schemes.

How can Pertemps help?

As part of the service offering Pertemps Managed Solutions has available, clients are able to access candidate behaviour insights. Pertemps utilise technology and up to-date tools to map candidate job seeking behaviour and offer insights on which job boards or attraction methods are best suited to various types of jobs. This insight can also allow data to be extracted to show average salaries for various different job functions in different geographical locations.

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