Are development programmes the best way to attract talent?

Written by Lynsey Simpson

In an ever-changing and competitive market companies are constantly trying to find the best way to attract top talent.

For most companies bringing in new talent they are usually looking for someone who can grow alongside the company and progress too, this is where development plans often come in. Having a structured development pathway will look entirely different from sector to sector and will differ between individual companies too. Some companies’ progression pathways will be focused on targets exceeded whereas others may focus more on the level of knowledge and the display of certain skills like leadership.

Long-term development programmes are very successful! Structured and carefully planned learning programmes are an effective way to stand out, particularly to top talent who often strive for personal and professional development.

At the most fundamental level, long-term development programmes help you stand out in the competitive job market. The demand for learning and training is ever more apparent in the younger generations- 59% of millennials say that development opportunities are ‘very important’ when applying for new positions. Having development plans to appeal to the new generations moving into their first corporate positions is a great way to attract ambitious talent.

Despite 76% of employees saying that companies who have long-term development programmes are more appealing there are still other motivators for top talent moving into new positions. Many people’s drivers when moving into a new position include the stability of the company, the salary/company benefits and location.

There is no doubt that development programmes are still a very effective selling point for top talent to jump ships however you need to consider that there will be other motivators too. Offering a long-term, high impact and structured development pathway to new candidates is undoubtedly still one of the most effective ways to attract new talent.

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