Advantages of outsourcing volume recruitment

Written by Chris West

So, what is classed as high-volume recruitment? 

High Volume recruitment is typically where a business needs to hire many staff with the same skillset such as customer service assistants. When using an agency just hiring a single employee can be costly and take time. When you multiply the requirements, it can often take even longer. There are agencies that specialise in fulfilling these requirements with better rates agreed provided the work is ongoing. We do this for certain key volume clients here at Pertemps Managed Solutions. 

SO, you might be thinking, why would I use an agency to support me on this if it’s going to have a high cost? Below I will list some of the advantages and provide examples of why it can be a cost-effective solution. 

1. Reduced rate of attrition of new starters: Agencies will look to build rapport and relationships with the prospective candidates before submitting their CVs. This enables them to manage the process more effectively and get a heads up on any potential issues before they become a problem. Most recruitment consultants will continue checking in with the candidate long after they’ve started with the new employee. This drastically improves rates of employee retention. 

2. Turnaround times: Agencies can put in robust processes to ensure there’s a constant flow of new candidates, they will manage the process from start to finish while setting KPI’s and SLAs to ensure this is delivered to your preferred timeframe. 

3. Quality: When agencies submit CVs there’s usually a process that has already gone on before they’ve got to that stage. This is typically a candidate qualification process, for example at Pertemps we do an initial telephone screen where we will ask the candidate questions about their motivations, build a better understanding of the candidate’s situation and most importantly, make sure they are the right fit for the role. Depending on the nature of the work we would arrange a follow up Video call so that we can meet face to face and get a better feeling of the candidate’s persona. 

4. Internal Resource: When running a high-volume recruitment campaign internally it can often cause an unnecessary strain on the existing workforce especially the HR department. If you are a growing business, you can’t afford to run the risk of missing vital HR issues due to the staff focusing on a campaign. This is where an agency can come in take the strain away and allow your work force to get on with their day-to-day roles and grow the business further, 


This is just a couple of examples but I’d be more than happy to help further, please contact me on 07932 302 852 or 

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