5 common mistakes made by hiring managers

Written by Andrea Frith

Focusing on the future more than the past

It's hard to cultivate an accurate opinion based on what a candidate might do in the future, and we all know how easy it is to get caught up in their potential. A good way to be mindful of this is rather than asking whether an employee would be willing to work overtime, ask them to describe a time when they have gone over and above to complete a task.

Comparing Candidates

Just because a candidate was better than the one before him or her, doesn’t mean they are the right candidate for you. Some candidates are just naturally better at interviewing, while it takes others more time and effort to really display their natural strengths, talents, and personality. And most of the time, an hour long interview is just not enough time for these individuals to really show you what they’re all about.

Don’t rely on appearances, and don’t compare candidates. What you are seeing during an interview is likely just the tip of the iceberg of what your candidates have to offer.  So, once again, prepare and get to know your candidates!

Being too quick to judge

Whilst preparing for an interview be mindful not to form any preconceived ideas or opinions about how suitable a candidate is for a role. Skills or career gaps are common and may be justifiable so don't rule any candidate out or make any unreasonable judgments before interviewing them. Keep an open mind as they could be the next best thing for your company.

Not providing feedback!

As consultants its important to understand the importance of providing feedback to candidates, as really it is just courtesy! We spend time at the beginning of the process understanding what you are looking for and the correct cultural fit, so when a candidate feels they are ticking all your boxes and the interview has gone well, they would like feedback. If that hasn’t been received in the same way from the client perspective! It is imperative for candidates to have feedback so that they can learn from the process too. Feedback is vital for personal growth and building relationships.

Look beyond the CV!

TALK to the candidate. A CV is very two dimensional, it only tells you part of the story and whilst skill set is important, the interview process is a real opportunity to find out if the person in front of you fits your culture and team fit for the long term. It also is an opportunity for that candidate to make sure you are a fit for them too. Don’t forget they are interviewing you too!

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