4 signs telling you an RPO solution is needed

Written by Andrea Frith

Competition for talent is intense and the increase in pace in the world of recruitment is meaning that organisations are looking at different options on how to recruit.

An RPO solution can look at the wider recruitment proposition and will include not just the attraction piece, but the fuller engagement piece.  Listed below are four main reasons an RPO solution may be the right solution for you.


Time to hire

How long is it taking to fill outstanding roles? Is there a recruitment process problem and are the Hiring Managers slow to engage? Are the salary and benefits on offer at market rate? Is the employment branding where it should be?  The longer the recruitment process takes, the more likely talent will be lost. Using an RPO solution can improve and streamline all processes and lead to real talent being hired.


High volume recruitment can overwhelm the Talent Acquisition teams

Most Talent Acquisition teams will be working at full capacity dealing with business as usual. When faced with volume needs, the quick fix options may not always be the most effective from both a quality and cost perspective. If these teams are under pressure, it can create the need for short-term fixes such as the use of specialist agencies of the use of contractors. Using an RPO solution gives access to fully scalable resources that can flex up or down to meet your demands.


Cost savings

Most organisations are looking at ways of cutting costs but at the same time increase efficiencies. Using an RPO solution will provide a cost-effective solution and deliver quality in short timeframes.


Rapid expansion

If your business is experiencing rapid growth, for example, geographic growth, increase in product offering or acquisition, your talent acquisition strategy to accompany this will be critical in the success factor. If the strategy is a high growth, many recruitment teams will struggle to meet aggressive hiring requirements. Using an RPO solution will work with growth strategies and design recruitment solutions to support these demands.


The complete concept of working with an RPO provider allows recruitment processes to be uniquely designed based on demand. An RPO provider can partner to help and will be prepared to hit the ground running.

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