4 Reasons Why Your Employees Want to Leave

Written by Sarah Tomlin

There are many reasons why people leave a job or want to change careers. Some reasons may be out of our control, such as moving house, starting a family, or even looking after an ill family member, but there are some situations that we can control. A whole business can change if key employees decide they want to leave, so creating a better enviroment for all staff could make a huge difference.

Below are 4 main reasons we see employees leave their job.

  1. Relationship with the boss

Have a good working relationship with employees is essential. You don’t have to be ‘best friends’ but making that extra little effort with employees can make them feel valued and appreciated. Having a bad relationship with a boss can feel like a burden, many people will find it easier to find another job than work on their problem relationship.

  1. Relationship with co-workers

When there is lack of communication within teams this can lead to fall outs and tension, resulting in employees feeling uncomfortable. By creating an enviroment where employees can talk, plan and discuss together helps everyone to feel included.

  1. Not feeling like their work is contributing

If employees don’t get recognition or acknowledgement for their hard work, it can leave them feeling undervalued and this can dampen the spirits of any employee. Taking time to compliment successes will make the stress of the work they do more meaningful. It is hard for people to want to keep moving forward when they think they’re not good enough.

  1. No room for promotions

People generally start to get bored or feel stuck in a role that they’ve been doing for a long time, especially when there’s no room for development or promotions. We could help this by offering training courses or an updated role with more responsibilities to show employees that you trust them.


Allow your staff to talk!

Being a boss that is approachable or having a designated person that employees can talk to can help identify any issues before they arise. Having someone to listen to their concerns and make appropriate changes to support them during a difficult time will help create a supportive enviroment that employees will want to work in.

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