3 simple tips to find the right recruitment agency

Written by Milly Woodward

Your business can’t fully thrive when you lack a team member but no need to panic- that’s where recruitment agencies come in. If your internal team is busy juggling multiple tasks at once and you don’t have time to dedicate to finding high-quality candidates, you may decide to outsource your recruitment process to an agency.

But with more than 27,000 agencies across the UK how do you choose the right one for you?

To help you make this decision we have compiled a list of 3 simple tips to streamline this potentially daunting task so you can meet your company objectives, save valuable time, and find invaluable new members to join your team.

So how do you choose the right agency for you?

  1. Clearly plan out your hiring needs and explain these to potential agencies

The first step to selecting the perfect recruitment agency is to explain in depth what your company's needs are. These basic questions will help you evaluate what is important to you, they will also help an agency lead you to the right talent.

  • Your company's background 
  • The company's values and mission
  • The existing corporate culture 
  • The specific requirements of the role
  1. Don’t be afraid to ask the agency questions that are important to you

It’s an age-old saying that interviews go two ways, it’s no different when communicating with an agency- to choose the perfect one you should be asking questions that will help inform your decision and ensure the best fit possible.

  • What does your hiring process look like?
  • Do you pre-screen candidates?
  • How do you decide whether a candidate is appropriate for us?
  • What job levels do you recruit for?
  • What capacity do you have for new roles currently?
  1. Assess your needs and what the agency can offer you

Some agencies will specialise in different sectors specifically and others will cover a range of industries and subsequently a variety of different roles too. Look at what your needs are and compare these to what different agencies can offer you. Here are some prompts that may help:

  • Is there a specific area of the business that is in need of new candidates or are there multiple? Is there an agency that can focus on these different areas and levels?
  • Do you need a volume campaign or a more niche role fulfilled?

Overall, there are many different agencies out there that would be able to assist you in your hiring needs although choosing the right one for you is extremely important to ensure that you receive the best candidates to join your team. It is also essential that the business relationship is a positive one so do put time and thought into which agency you want to work alongside.

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