Pertemps entered into a new contract working with a major Utilities provider and inherited a temporary workforce from the outgoing managed service provider supplier. 

Due to the inherited workforce and the previously deployed recruitment model, the age profile of workers within the call centre did not reflect the client’s customer base and there were also concerns around higher than expected levels of absence and attrition.

The workforce age profile at contract start:


16 – 20             54.8%

21 – 30             31.4%

31 – 40             6.9%

41 – 50             4.9%

51 – 60             1%

61+                   1%


The brief from our client was to reduce the number of 16–20 year olds in the business and move towards a more mature workforce.  Based on previous models from the likes of B&Q and Asda, our client wanted a move towards a 40–60 age profile within the team.  Pertemps highlighted that the models mentioned were based around activity that was more compatible with a more mature workforce and that a call centre environment was a different proposition.


Pertemps changed the recruitment process to ensure that the advertising concentrated on the more mature market e.g. replacing references to ‘fast paced environment’ and software systems with more customer service focussed wording within the attraction messaging.  Different job boards were also used that attracted a more mature applicant and open days were conducted in the area.

Links were made with the local Job Centres for support to encourage applications from people who had been made redundant and would fit into the specification and profile of candidates required.

Pertemps consulted closely with the client to ensure that their training was tailored to help a mature entrant workforce understand and get ‘work ready’ on the required software systems so these did not present as much of a barrier to ongoing success.


During the project the client recognised that some of the workers aged 50+ were struggling with the nature of the role so they realigned their targets to a 20–40 age profile for the workforce. This was deemed a more realistic target and would still be a huge improvement in terms of reflecting the customer base.

After 9 months of effort the targeted sourcing efforts and use of refined attraction channels provided a significant shift in the age demographic within the client’s contact centre.

Post campaign age profile:


16 – 20             19%                               Reduction of 35.8%

21 – 30             54.5%                           Increase of 23.1%

31 – 40             10%                              Increase of 3.1%

41 – 50             9%                               Increase of 4.1%

51 – 60             5.2%                             Increase of 4.2%

61+                   1.3%                             Increase of 0.3%

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