Ongoing pressure to continuously cut costs effects every business globally. Outsourcing talent acquisition, management and HR functions enables our clients to tap into expertise and economies of scale that would otherwise be impossible on decreasing budgets. Our visible and reportable alignment of delivery programmes to directly aid clients in meeting social/community pledges and strategic goals helps to drive value from your recruitment process, stop wasted spend and automate processes to increase efficiency.

  1. Master vendor to maximise value

Our client, one of the UK’s largest unitary authorities was exposed to significant risk with numerous contingent staff supplier agreements in place with limited visibility on spend and control.

Inconsistent messaging, varying screening and selection processes and erratic onboarding processes was damaging the first impression candidates had of the Client’s employer brand- most of whom were residents and customers of the Council.

Pertemps worked with the Procurement and HR teams to implement a fresh, more effective approach to deliver consistency of quality in supply, statuary compliance and positive promotion of the Council’s brand in a saturated and competitive marketplace.

The result

The temporary workforce is 180 strong and reaches 600 at peak times. To deliver against the 24 hour response time and reduce costs Pertemps provide a dedicated resource team, based offsite in one of our local Pertemps offices, supported by compliance, audit, analytics from our shared service centre and Pertemps vendor management technology PAWS we managed to reduce client’s costs by 25%.

The Council appointed Pertemps responsible for end to end management of direct and third party supplier sourcing, on-boarding and payrolling of all contingent staff county wide, covering all temporary engagements across Administrative and Clerical, Finance, Housing and Planning, HR, IT, Legal, Manual Labour, Management, Marketing, Procurement, Social and Healthcare (Qualified), Social and Healthcare (Unqualified), Trades and Engineers our master vendor MSP is providing significant cost savings, driving efficiencies through control and clarity of spend and adding value by engaging with the community, which is central to the Council’s manifesto.

Monthly reports, supported by quarterly reviews, allow the client to track the service performance and their savings constantly, to allow for service evolution and identification of where further savings can be made.

PAWS online ordering and authorisation manages spend and tracks data to assist with future planning. Its integrated e-timesheets gives real time access to data for the client and contingent workers and it’s back office functionality provides streamlined and automated recruitment processes, control and compliance of all suppliers and consolidated invoicing and self-bill

Pertemps partnership approach, market mapping and analysis means that we work with the Council to identify key skills shortages implementing plans to attract candidates to the area through the  creation of marketing material, analysis of pay trends and the development close working relationships with our supply chain, supporting local business and attracting the best talent.

Our successful engagement has meant that 95% of supply is now direct and the number of tiered suppliers has reduced from 80 to 20.

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