Reducing costs with redeployment

Redundancy is often one of the most difficult tasks HR teams have to manage particularly in an environment of cost savings and cutting. Our client, one of London’s largest unitary authorities turned to Pertemps to help them reduce the negative effects and provide a solution to sensitively handle redundant employees and those remaining - managing the redeployment of their existing employees who were at threat of redundancy.

The challenge:

Improve the policies and processes that were limiting mobility across the Council units and making redeployment difficult

Mitigating as many redundancies as possible, retaining talent and providing support to employees potentially affected by redundancy

The solution:

Our team already had in-depth knowledge of the existing resourcing process within the Council, providing a hybrid MSP delivering the contingent workforce and RPO solution for all permanent hires. They remapped this to incorporate pro-active redeployment, i.e. Once an employee is identified with the threat of redundancy, they are interviewed to establish their skills, preferences, desired location and current package. They are then added to the redeployment talent pool, which means they are be prioritised for vacancies before any advert is published on the external talent portal.

Pertemps provides a high touch service for all those affected by potential redundancy including an interactive redeployment careers portal, workshops, one-to-one coaching and outplacement support for employees who were unsuccessful in redeployment.

The result:

Over the last 12 months we’ve successfully redeployed over 50 people within the Council and supported countless people with career transitions placing them into alternative roles, providing savings of over ½ million pounds in redundancy costs.

Receive consistently excellent feedback from employees, unions and senior management

Deliver seamless redeployment and outplacement services with a very high success rate in retaining key talent and speedy settlement of leavers

Provide continued significant support to internal HR teams allowing them to focus on business as usual


"The redeployment service has been responsive to the needs of the individual employee at risk and to the wider organisation.  The Council has retained an experienced employee with an impeccable work record within the Adults Services directorate.  This in-house opportunity has saved the Council over £100k in redundancy and pension strain costs by supporting the employee at risk to realise his potential and use his transferable skills.  This has also helped an employee at risk of redundancy to achieve secured employment and supported him through a difficult and stressful time." - Service Manager Disability Day Services

"Annette has been prompt with all the communications required for our redeployees, made quick introductions to her when I have needed additional help, and very supportive to staff. Thank you!" - Project Manager

"Annette, Thanks for your support helping me through the process of appointing ‘name of redeployee’ – it wasn’t straightforward but you provided me with all the necessary forms so that I could make the appointment against tight deadlines. Good luck with your review" - Head of Housing Regeneration, Community Directorate

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