Many organisations need to grow and shrink their workforce around business volumes at different times of the year. The challenges of balancing this against the pressures of improving productivity and reducing costs are the reasons companies turn to Pertemps to provide staffing solutions focused on cost, the highest levels of service, performance and productivity.

  1. Multi-site, fluctuating staffing challenges

For over 20 years Pertemps has been a significant support to the logistics, transport and distribution sector. We have contracts with major UK and global organisations that rely on our Managed Serviced recruitment delivery models to provide staffing solutions for the challenging seasonal and retails peaks they face each year.

  1. RPO to maximise value

Ensuring our capital city keeps moving is no mean feat and making sure the right people are in the right place at the right time to achieve this is no mean feat. In a bid to help do this a local government body decided to regenerate their first generation RPO volume permanent operational hire solution and appointed Pertemps as their chosen partner.

With a requirement to significantly improve the poor perception of recruitment by the organisations own hiring community in addition to reducing expenditure, ensuring a transparent and seamless process, and recruiting high volumes of staff quickly Pertemps provided a truly embedded “white labelled” team to work alongside the organisation’s HR services and operational resourcing teams.

In addition to the business as usual multi-role, multi-site recruitment Pertemps also provided the scalability required to ‘flex-up’ to ensure the client’s requirement to fulfil their responsibility to ensure the Capital continued to function smoothly during high profile globally viewed events.

For a specific event this required the recruitment of over 1200 permanent hires in less than 5 months, in addition to the 18 high volume campaigns already in progress.

To support this short term but critical requirement, Pertemps increased our onsite account management and assessor teams plus our offsite teams within our shared service delivery centres to deal with the high volumes of candidates processing, pre-employment screening and onboarding required.

We were also very instrumental in providing the additional support departments within our client’s infrastructure needed to ensure the new hires were not delayed starting in the business, e.g. occupational health, marketing, training and facilities departments.

Result: The campaign was a total success ensuring TfL had the required resource to manage the increased traffic expected for the Olympics:

  • 20,004 external expressions of interest were received
  • 10,500 completed received applications were screened in 4 weeks by the Pertemps RPO team working 24/7
  • 5,300 telephone interviews were conducted over a 6-week period
  • 3,500 candidates were taken through the assessment events. These took place Monday to Saturday assessing an average of 40 candidates per day

All positions were filled by the beginning of June and successful candidates were vetted and started on Training dates by the end of June

The first candidates were offered 16 days after the attraction went live and the first training date commenced 14 days later on the 7th March.


In recruitment, we often hear talk about true client supplier partnerships and the benefits that this can bring to an organisation. Our relationship with Pertemps has been a shining example of the way this has been planned and implemented with the resulting delivery of candidates into our business.

This has been achieved by the commitment, flexibility and professional approach of Pertemps, and their ability to work under the complexity both technically and culturally of our business. Pertemps deliver a unique approach to ensure consistency of quality and delivery particularly during high volume campaigns.

I would like to personally endorse Pertemps as our supplier, and congratulate them on the excellent service that we have received during their tenure here – Client’s Recruitment Delivery Manager HR Services

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