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  • How to recruit and hold onto talent in a post-Brexit world

    Now that Article 50 has been triggered we know that Britain will have left the EU by the end of April 2019. Of course, many uncertainties still exist about what that will actually look and feel like in reality. Politicians have argued incessantly over the past year about 'hard Brexit', 'soft Brexit' - even an 'open Brexit'. Theresa May's failure to secure the expected landslide majority in the general election has cast more doubt over what direction of travel the government's approach might take as we enter exit negotiations.
  • How to attract the right personalities to your business with people analytics

    Research conducted by Gallup suggests that only around half of the overall workforce in the UK has a strong understanding of what it is they need to do in their workplace to really succeed. If hiring managers themselves do not have a full grasp of how new recruits to an organisation should grow, it makes successful hiring all the more difficult.
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