Blended Solution (RPO/MSP/Neutral)

Blended solution (RPO/MSP/Neutral)

In order to capture the value proposition of a total talent acquisition approach, organisations are moving more and more towards the evaluation and adoption of an integrated outsourcing model commonly known as ‘Blended RPO.’

- Solutions underpinned by market leading technology
- Standardised hiring practices and concentration of talent acquisition knowledge
- Utilise technological advances to do increasingly high-value activities from remote locations


Cost savings that can yield greater than independent RPO and managed service solutions

  • Better alignment of workforce planning to overall business strategy
  • Competitive differentiation and higher employee engagement
  • Greater workforce flexibility
  • Improved accountability, governance and compliance
  • Reduced time-to-hire against all open vacancies
  • Re-use and deployment of skilled contingent workforce
  • Smoother conversion of contingent workers to permanent employees