Talent leaders must keep up with the new work culture

Talent acquisition is the biggest concern facing companies today. Of course, securing the right talent has always been important and retaining that talent once you have it has always been a concern.

talent leaders talent acquisition

However, recruiting the talent in the first place has become more of a challenge - and holding onto it definitely has as well. The workplace has experienced a paradigm shift. The way we work has changed and the way we want to work has evolved. Change has been seen across the whole spectrum of the world of work. Almost every aspect, from learning and development in the workplace to management and executive recruitment has been affected by change. Our whole definition of work itself is no longer fixed.

If talent leaders are to keep up with the new work culture, new approaches are required. There is a need for fresh thinking and if the old-fashioned 'rule book' doesn't quite need to be ripped up completely, it certainly needs refreshing and updating.

Radical transformations have been seen in the workplace, from the use of social media to artificial intelligence. Change will continue and the pace of it is likely to quicken. Deloitte's most recent Global Human Capital Trends report is aptly titled, 'Rewriting the Rules for the Digital Age.' The report highlights how HR leaders view building an organisation that is fit for the future as their highest priority. The report also calls for businesses to completely review and reconsider their whole organisational structure, as well as their talent and HR strategies.

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Talent - and the continued need to acquire the very best that is available - is caught up in the middle of everything. With technology advancing at an unprecedented speed, we have seen the ways that we conduct our lives, communicate, and work transformed. The challenge for organisations is to be able to manage, lead and engage the 21st century workforce.

The Deloitte report suggests that many HR leaders are struggling to keep pace with the rate of technological progress. Only 35% of respondents judged their own capabilities as being good or excellent.

But it is not just technology that is changing. The world of work is shifting because of the candidates themselves. Today's candidates value culture and flexibility of working above all else. In the coming years, desires are bound to evolve further. In a candidate-driven market, it is the candidates that hold all the cards. It is vital that organisations adapt accordingly to meet the needs of job candidates if they are to continue to acquire the very best talent that is available.

As HR leverages digital and mobile tools, artificial intelligence applications will be utilised further in the creation of an augmented workforce. It is time to rewrite the rules. But whilst technology is reinventing many roles and automation increases, the 'human' aspects of work, such as problem solving, communication and empathy remain as important as ever. Reskilling the workforce is important, but so is the use of analytics in helping organisations to gain a greater insight into the capabilities of their workforce.

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