How to attract the top 10% of talent

Increasingly, organisations are realising that the candidates of today (and tomorrow) will looking beyond traditional salary and benefits packages when it comes to deciding whether they want to work for a company or not.

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The workplace and the motivation of the workforce are evolving. The values and ethics of an organisation are seen to be very important. A company's culture, and creating a company that people genuinely want to work for has never been so crucial. If an organisation wants to attract the very best talent - the top 10% - then it is has become an absolute necessity.

People's understanding of what constitutes a 'good job' has changed markedly in recent years. Job security, career progression, a compensation package and attractive pension scheme were all typical factors that workers used to view as being the most important. However, these kind of benefits no longer have the same magnetic pull that they had in years gone by. These days, workers want something more.

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They want a position that is fulfilling and a job that gives them a real sense of purpose. Employees want to feel an alignment with their employer, with a shared culture and shared values.

What this means is that organisations need to create and actively market their employer brand. A useful and pertinent starting point for this is to lead with the values of the company. How an organisation makes a difference to the local community and the wider world is what the younger generation of workers, in particular, want to hear about. Above all, candidates want to see transparency and an organisation that comes across as being 100% genuine in everything they say and do.

Creating a workplace that candidates will want to work in is important, but it's more important to be honest, upfront and to back up the claims an employer brand makes with hard evidence. Leading by example and from the front during the recruitment process is an important first step. Candidates want to feel that an organisation is as interested in them as they are in working for the company. If a candidate does not feel valued during the recruitment process, they cannot expect that they will believe they will be valued if and when they become an employee.

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An employer brand has to be real and it has to feel authentic. Creating a positive working environment is required if employees are to become advocates for the brand. The power of advocacy should not be underestimated as it is through this that talent will be attracted - not just with the necessary skills, but also that those who possess the right set of qualities and complementary personalities that will work with the organisation.

If a company wants to attract the top 10% of talent, the foundations of a convincing employer brand must be laid. This begins by making the organisation a fantastic place to work, and by evidencing this in an open and transparent way.

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