How to attract the right personalities to your business with people analytics

Research conducted by Gallup suggests that only around half of the overall workforce in the UK has a strong understanding of what it is they need to do in their workplace to really succeed. If hiring managers themselves do not have a full grasp of how new recruits to an organisation should grow, it makes successful hiring all the more difficult.

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One solution to this potential problem is people analytics. This enables HR managers to make data-driven decisions that are informed by a variety of factors, such as demographics. By using data on the motivation of individuals - either during the interview process or in appraisals - the likelihood of understanding how they might grow and develop within the organisation is greatly increased.

With retention becoming an ever-growing concern for recruiters, people analytics can also be helpful in identifying the personality types and values that are likely to be the determiners of success and longevity within a business. By using approaches such as psychometric testing on current employees, the actions and motivations that are highlighted will help in the quest for suitable long-term hires.

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Particularly in medium and large-sized businesses, failure to realise the true potential of the workforce is often an issue. An analytic approach will aid the identification of individuals who need alternative career goals to support them in their progression. The typical, stock route of progression that is the offer of many businesses is not always suitable or beneficial for all. People analytics enables a far more personalised and individually-tailored approach to take place. Without such inclusivity and personalisation, disengagement is more likely which could lead to the attrition of key talent.

Many challenges exist around how businesses should collect and handle data on new hires. Indeed, in the current climate of employees changing jobs more frequently or freelancing, many are less inclined to divulge information. Level of access and data security are other potential stumbling blocks. However, if an employer shares how data will be interpreted with their new hires, and it is made clear that the data will be used to grow both the business and the individual, most employees will see the mutual benefit.

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The holy grail for any organisation is to assemble the 'perfect team'. There is no silver bullet that can will help HR managers to achieve this ultimate aim. However, the value of people analytics should not be underestimated. Any successful team is one that blends a healthy mix of different strengths, skills and personalities. People analytics can be useful in identifying candidates that can bring a positive change and contribution to a team.

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Diversity in terms of the background of team members is important, but a range of skill sets is advantageous too. If all team members have the same skill set it can lead to a more competitive and less cooperative environment. This can have an adverse impact on retention rates. If this becomes a pattern that takes hold in the culture of the organisation it can be difficult to shake off. People analytics can be extremely useful in enabling HR managers to make informed, unbiased decisions that will greatly enhance the qualities of a team.

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