5 apps to simplify your life as a HR Manager


Human Resource Management is no exception within the app market and there are now a plethora of apps available on the market that HR Managers can now use to simplify their work. There are many that are proving to be extremely helpful for various aspects of HR management. Ranging from applicant tracking to the interview process to managing employee details and records, there are apps to assist with it all.

As HR management moves into the world of applications, it's time to look at what is available. These apps are not necessarily the best, but they will give a flavour of what different apps can offer HR managers.

The suite of app from HireVue are definitely worth investigating. The HireVue app allows candidates to record a digital video interview. HireVuePro allows recruiters and HR managers to view, rate and share these interviews - all directly on a smartphone. The pre-recorded interviews can be viewed anywhere and at any time. One-way video interviews are growing in popularity and are a great way in helping a decision to be made about whether a candidate might be a good fit for a position. With rewind and fast-forward functions and the ability to watch a video as many times as you like, it is easy to review a candidate again and again before making a decision. It is easy to share with colleagues too. Overall, HireVue Pro can save a lot of recruiting and interviewing time, as well as reducing potential costs significantly.

Another significant time-saver can be found in the shape of Workable. This is cloud based software that links with various popular job boards to provide advanced job listings. Tracking potential candidates is easy and a clear benefit is that the software automatically combines an applicant's CV and social media profiles into one complete profile.

The interview process becomes a 360 view as all details relating to an applicant are trackable. As well as an individual's profile, all communications including feedback that has been received are visible in one place. Workable software also features reporting and analytics.

HR Cube is another app that can be useful for job seekers and hiring managers. From the HR management side, HR Cube can help to you find and shortlist candidates and even arrange interviews.

BambooHR is an example of the growing number of apps that offer much more than just recruiting/interviewing assistance. BambooHR is a multi-layered HR management tool that automates many of the HR functions that can be real burden on time. It is designed to help HR managers free up their time to work on more meaningful tasks. For convenience the entire company directory can now be held in your hand. All contact details and employee profiles are accessible through the app, and each individual can be contacted by telephone, message or email with a few simple taps. 

Employee information is automatically updated. Having remote access to this information is a real benefit, but various other functions can also be performed via the app too, such as managing time-off requests.

HR Management, is a great example of a another side to HR apps. It is a HR portal aimed at HR professionals. It's a good resource for keeping up-to-date with best practice and provides information and articles about all sorts of HR issues, from software and technology to employment law to performance management. Like any portal, HR Management’s strength is the easy access it gives to a wide range of resources.

HR apps have lots to offer. They can save time, streamline processes and provide a wealth of information at your fingertips. That's three very good reasons to investigate how apps can simplify your life as a HR Manager.

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