• How technology helps recruiters to hire talent efficiently

    A lack of skilled workers is a problem affecting most industries and sectors to some extent. A wide-ranging talent crisis exists. Often this relates to a shortage of particular skills or talent - but equally it can be a wider concern about how to secure the perfect candidate for a position.

  • How to build an excellent recruitment function

    Recruitment should be a key component of a company's strategic plan. If it is not, the danger is that staffing (filling roles when needed) becomes more important than recruiting the very best talent that is available. CEOs should lead a recruiting function that is both closely monitored and carefully measured.

  • The relationship between talent acquisition and organisational values

    Across the world CEOs believe that an organisation needs to promote clear and strong values if the businesses of today and tomorrow are to acquire and retain the best talent. Increasingly, it can be seen that people want to work for those organisations that are clearly benefitting society, the community or the environment - rather than organisations that appear to be simply focused on financial objectives and goals.

  • Here's your answer to the question: Why do companies outsource their recruitment?

    More and more organisations are making the bold move of outsourcing some or all of their recruitment functions. As RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) - the transfer of recruitment to an external service provider - becomes more common, now is a good time to reflect on why what was once isolated practice has now become very much a trend.

  • Why CEOs need to know about recruitment and staffing in their business

    However, increasingly CEOs are now beginning to have more of a handle on recruiting and staffing issues, in recognition of the way quality hires will ensure that a company grows.

  • Talent leaders must keep up with the new work culture

    Talent acquisition is the biggest concern facing companies today. Of course, securing the right talent has always been important and retaining that talent once you have it has always been a concern.

  • How will the Spring Budget affect recruitment?

    Having two Budgets in one year always has the potential of shaking-up the recruitment landscape considerably. There was much anticipation as Chancellor Philip Hammond stepped up to the despatch box with red-briefcase in hand to deliver his first spring budget.

  • The keys to providing a successful customer experience

    As customer expectations rise, it is vital that organisations keep up with the pace if they are to continue to meet these expectations. Companies must provide a multi-channel experience that is easy-to-use, fluid and tailored to meet the needs of the customer. It is now crucial that organisations take action where necessary and make changes to the customer experience where required if the momentum of excellent customer experience is to be maintained.