• Tapping into Talent Analytics

    The benefits of Talent Analytics are well documented. It, of course, involves the use of data to gain valuable insights into worker performance. HR Analytics give an organisation the ability to know their staff inside out through data sets of evidence. This information can be used to directly inform business strategy. It can impact on the bottom line and business performance.

  • LinkedIn Should NOT Be The ONLY Social Media Choice For Finding Talent

    LinkedIn is the most business-oriented social media platform. That much is true. It has many strengths and it could be argued that effective use of LinkedIn needs to be an important element of any organisation's recruitment strategy in 2016.

  • The Perfect Sourcing Strategy

    As with any aspect of business, being passive instead of active or pro-active is essential to achieve a successful sourcing strategy. The problem with being passive when sourcing talent is that you are inadvertently fixing a low ceiling on what you expect to achieve. You are limiting the talent you can bring to your company. Passive sourcing and recruitment essentially means that every single time you appoint a candidate, you are hiring the best individual that saw your job post or advert, not the best talent that is available in the whole market - and that's a big difference.

  • Cutting-Edge Recruitment Trends to Watch Out For

    There is a shift in recruitment currently. The power is transferring away from the employer and towards the candidate. As the marketplace becomes ever more candidate-driven, it means that the top talent will have more options and can afford to be more selective. Essentially, what it means for recruiters is that they need to be swifter in their hiring speed, improve the candidate experience that they provide and adopt cutting edge approaches to ensure that their organisations stay ahead of the pack if they want to attract the very best talent that is available.

  • Why Are Hiring Managers Using Social Media To Attract Talent?

    Every company should be asking themselves two questions: Are we getting the most out of social media? Are we using it to its full potential?

  • Recruitment Analytic Tools For All Hiring Managers

    Recruitment analytics give organisations the opportunity to tailor their strategy to the practices that are returning the best results. Particular analytics are becoming the favourite tools of hiring managers as they continue to gain a more precise understanding of what works best. Establishing which parts can be tweaked will garner better returns and streamline processes to better effect.

  • Recruiting Metrics You Should Be Adopting

    A database needs to be at the heart of every recruitment function. It also needs to be a beating heart. Over time, potentially, this database will grow to include thousands of possible candidates. The database should be the first port of call whenever a vacant position emerges or any new recruitment decision is considered.

  • Stepping towards Strategic Workforce Planning

    Workforce planning is an integral part of people management as it sets the context for most activities within recruitment, deployment and development. All workforce planning needs to be robust enough to manage short-term concerns, but flexible enough for organisations to be to comfortably negotiate a variety of future scenarios.