• Brands need to treat candidates like consumers

    Recruitment can be a costly business. Get recruitment decisions wrong and the price a company pays can be considerable. However, it's not just avoiding poor decisions that needs to be high on an organisation's list of priorities. Job seekers that endure rather than enjoy the candidate experience a company provides can end up being extremely costly too. A poor candidate experience can be a major turn off, driving them away from a brand from a consumer perspective as well.

  • Employers are watching you! Be careful on social media

    The perils of social media - an inappropriate comment made in a Facebook post, or even an ill-judged retweet on Twitter - have caught many a celebrity or politician out in recent years. Much embarrassment has been caused and many a career affected by misjudged social activity.

  • The rise and rise of the creation of tech jobs

    The continued rise of the creation of tech jobs shows no signs of abating. Global job site Indeed recently published data that demonstrates the scale of this job creation. It claims that more than one in ten of every new job created in London so far in 2017 has been a technology role.

  • UK businesses count the cost of hiring mistakes

    A company that makes a hiring mistake can be paying the price for a long time, and the cost it comes at can be high. Now, a report from the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) has revealed just how costly hiring mistakes can be for an organisation.

  • How to recruit and hold onto talent in a post-Brexit world

    Now that Article 50 has been triggered we know that Britain will have left the EU by the end of April 2019. Of course, many uncertainties still exist about what that will actually look and feel like in reality. Politicians have argued incessantly over the past year about 'hard Brexit', 'soft Brexit' - even an 'open Brexit'. Theresa May's failure to secure the expected landslide majority in the general election has cast more doubt over what direction of travel the government's approach might take as we enter exit negotiations.

  • How to attract the right personalities to your business with people analytics

    Research conducted by Gallup suggests that only around half of the overall workforce in the UK has a strong understanding of what it is they need to do in their workplace to really succeed. If hiring managers themselves do not have a full grasp of how new recruits to an organisation should grow, it makes successful hiring all the more difficult.

  • Has the Internet of Things become the 'Internet of Threats'?

    Cyber security seems to be on everybody's lips at the moment. With large-scale cyber-attacks on the rise, despite increased awareness of the issue, it is pertinent to be mindful of a very important point. As cybersecurity evolves and changes, so do the things we typically associate with it.

  • How to attract the top 10% of talent

    Increasingly, organisations are realising that the candidates of today (and tomorrow) will looking beyond traditional salary and benefits packages when it comes to deciding whether they want to work for a company or not.